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This publication has been written by Job Safety Assistance®, leading Australian advisers in the field of Work Health and Safety. 

This publication sets out for your organisation the details of an appropriate Risk Management Policy and Procedure ensuring a commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all workers. It recognises that a robust risk management framework is an integral part of a sound Work Health and Environment Management System.

Items covered by the Risk Management Policy include:

  • Scope and Objectives;
  • Principles and benefits;
  • Policy;
  • Definitions; and
  • Roles and responsibilities:
    • Manager
    • Health and Safety Committee
    • Supervisors/Persons with Management Control
    • Health and Safety representative
    • Workers
    • Contractors
    • Others
    • External WHS Consultants
    • Injury management.

The Risk Management Procedure details the following Key Process Steps:

  1. Communicate and consult openly and willingly;
  2. Establish the context for risk management;
  3. Identify hazards and risks associated with each task and the workplace;
  4. Control or treat the risks to ensure the best possible control level is implemented;
  5. Monitor risk controls; and
  6. Evaluate risk control measures adopted to ensure risk controls are appropriate.

This publication ensures that your organisation is ready to implement its commitment to work health and safety. 




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