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Fraud - Know Your Risk

Fraud is disastrous for any organisation. Losses include more than just financial and funding opportunities, but reputation, market confidence and even retention of valued staff. 

Is your organisation at risk of fraud? 

How do you rate when it comes to:- 

  • controls over your organisation's assets?
  • corporate philosophies for a culture of honesty and integrity?
  • effective oversight of activities by those charged with governance?
  • identifying your fraud risk factors?
  • evaluating the level of fraud risks?
Fraud is preventable but actions are usually only taken after organisational fraud has occurred, when it is often too late.   

That's why Enterprise Care in conjunction with experienced fraud expert James Ridley (Kingston & Knight Accountants) have developed the Fraud Health Check, a cost-effective tool to quickly identify if your organisation is at risk of fraud.

What is the Fraud Health Check?

At a fraction of the cost for a fraud consultant, the Fraud Health Check provides insight into your organisation’s processes and practices to identify and mitigate fraud risks.

You will receive a report detailing:- 
  • The common signs of fraud risk
  • Your key areas of potential fraud risk
  • Priority actions to minimise your fraud risk
  • Future action items

Start your fraud prevention today. Act now and don’t wait until it’s too late. 


Governance Intelligence Fraud Health Check