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Great successful leaders are strategic and achievement orientated, possess the ability to collaborate and inspire all stakeholders to help attain the organisation’s goals.

An inspired workforce with a common vision has been shown to be more effective. It also needs less management than one that is organised on a task-by-task basis.

An important question is; how effective are your managers in their role as leaders of your organisation?

Enterprise Care’s Governance Intelligence® Effective Leadership Snapshot is a simple online diagnostic to ensure that managers understand their own roles in realising organisational success, and have the right skills to engage and lead staff and teams to the next level.

Through the use of our Governance Intelligence® Effective Leadership Snapshot you can:

  • identify skills your leaders now have or need
  • ensure the right people are doing the best jobs
  • highlight the links between good leadership and team engagement
  • indicate where to invest in improving management and leadership capabilities
  • pinpoint what’s needed to build staff morale and engagement
Endorsed by the leading association, AuSAE, this highly affordable and easy to use Governance Intelligence® Snapshot quickly reveals the barriers to achieving excellence and high performance, while offering priority plans and pinpointing of actions that enables your organisation to thrive and to stay on top.

Brendon Ward as CEO of AuSAE says “Enterprise Care’s Governance Intelligence® Health Checks and Snapshots provide sound assurance for the CEO and Board that legal obligations are met, and governance is operating in a best practice manner. It also offers valuable insights into the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, and highlights key opportunities for improvement.”

You will receive a written report which offers an excellent snapshot of the effectiveness of leadership in your organisation. 

We encourage you to undertake this Effective Leadership Snapshot, and then discuss with us the results and any insights on how your performance can be readily and significantly improved. 

Governance Intelligence Effective Leadership Snapshot