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Enterprise Care is excited to offer our Governance Intelligence® Effective HR Snapshot.

High performing organisations recognise that effective people management is a building block; and is absolutely essential for business productivity and reliable customer service. 
The HR landscape is vast and ever changing. There is a need to be aware of the potential workplace litigation issues, which are generally on the rise; and to actively manage your inadequate or out-of-date people management processes, practices and systems. Otherwise it can result in enormous unnecessary risk to your business. 
Examples of common areas of concern are: 
  • attraction and retention of staff 
  • succession planning 
  • absenteeism
  • industrial disputes and performance issues
  • legislative employment compliance. 
To quickly pinpoint the effectiveness of your people management and better understand what is working well; and what areas need to be improved, we have created the Governance Intelligence® Effective HR Snapshot

Endorsed by leading associations, affordable and simple to use, Governance Intelligence® Snapshot reveal the barriers to achieving excellence and high performance. the Health Checks provide priority plans and pinpoint actions that will enable your organisation to thrive and to stay on top. 

Our Governance Intelligence® Effective HR Snapshot is an easy to use online diagnostic which can also benchmark your HR performance.

You will receive a written report which offers an excellent snapshot of your HR management performance. 

We encourage you to immediately undertake this Snapshot and then discuss with us how your business performance can be easily and significantly improved. 

Governance Intelligence Effective HR Snapshot