Governance Intelligence Domain of Innovation Handbook

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Accepting everyday positive change best describes an organisation which embraces innovation.

It’s a result and an outcome. 

Steve Jobs spoke of Innovation being “about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it.”  

Innovation is arguably –

  1. the most important driver of organisation value and wealth; and
  2. the means by which we stay ahead of competition and thrive.

Innovation is about “doing different things” and “doing things differently” - to create positive change.

This Governance Intelligence® publication reveals insights into key elements and discusses how to support this positive change within your organisation including:
  • an overview of innovation in organisations
  • types of innovation process
  • creating an innovative culture
  • how to put innovation into practice
  • summary and comparison of research findings
  • risk mitigation and evaluation
  • diagrams in each section to enhance understanding

The Innovation Domain Handbook will help you transform your organisation to achieve resilience, benefitting from increased productivity, growth, and performance. 


Governance Intelligence Domain of Innovation Handbook