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Remuneration Survey $500 Donation

During our recent Remuneration Survey, participants were told, one would be selected to then nominate a charity that will receive a donation of $500 from Enterprise Care.

This year's winner was nominated as ARMS (Victoria) and is the proud recipient of the $500 donation.

ARMS (Victoria) is a not for profit organisation formed in 1982 out of a common need to support women who had lost a child or children to adoption.

ARMS provides a caring, non-judgemental atmosphere for women dealing with the difficulties of their position as natural mothers of adopted people.

Staff at ARMS expressed their gratitude to the draw winner for selecting their organisation.

Not for Profit Salaries Benchmarking 2017

Thank you to all the respondents who contributed to this year's survey.

Now in its 19th year The 2017/18 Not for Profit Remuneration Report ensures that your organisation's salaries and remuneration packages are competitive. 

Order now to obtain the latest Not for Profit Salary Trends and Benchmarking data.  

Governance Intelligence® - Domain of Innovation Handbook

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Innovation is arguably –
1. the most important driver of organisation value and wealth; and
2. the means by which we stay ahead of competition and thrive.

Steve Jobs spoke of Innovation being “about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it.”

Be Innovative, transform your organisation to create positive change.

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Be Alert and Not a Headline

Often CEOs, Boards and Directors ask Enterprise Care “How do we know if fraud is happening in our Organisation?”; and “How do we find out before it’s too late?”

Fraud is disastrous for any organisation. Organisations cannot afford losses in their reputation, or market confidence, or of valued staff.

No one is immune. Fraud occurs in small and large organisations, sophisticated and simple, statutory bodies and not-for-profit.

When you undertake Enterprise Care’s Governance Intelligence® Fraud Health Check, you quickly identify if your organisation is at risk.

Act now and don’t wait until it’s too late!

Who We Are

Enterprise Care is a highly respected company which delivers effective governance solutions and practices enabling organisations to optimally operate within a complex and chaotic world.

Being at the forefront of governance thinking, Enterprise Care provides solutions that enable diverse organisations to grow substantially.

Enterprise Care was established in 1988 and through its products and services empowers the ongoing positive transformation within organisations. It has a strong focus on delivering cleverer solutions.

Enterprise Care is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. View our Purpose, Principles, Values and Commitments.

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