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Established in 1988, Enterprise Care is a highly respected company which delivers effective governance solutions and practices enabling organisations to optimally operate within a complex and chaotic world.

Our products and services empower ongoing positive transformation within organisations. Being at the forefront of governance thinking, we have a strong focus on delivering innovative solutions that enable diverse organisations to grow substantially.

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Not for Profit Salaries Benchmarking 2017/18

Thank you to all the respondents who contributed to the survey.

Now in its 19th year The 2017/18 Not for Profit Remuneration Report ensures that your organisation's salaries and remuneration packages are competitive. 

Order now to obtain the latest Not for Profit Salary Trends and Benchmarking data.  

The Employment Deed of Release (ePublication)

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All employees eventually will leave the organisation, whether it be retirement or moving to new opportunities or being terminated or made redundant. Whenever this occurs it is wise to use a Deed of Release. Everyone then knows the separation issues has been discussed, agreed and recorded accurately.

This ePublication lists various matters that should be included in a Deed of Release. It also has a section which explains the reasoning and offers insights into why certain matters are to be considered for inclusion. Provided as a Word document template the Employment Deed of Release is ready to use and can be customised for your organisation. 

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